A Climber’s Viewpoint – By Susan McCabe

As a climber in the upcoming Freedom Climb I am excited but also overwhelmed as I learn how large the sex-trafficking problem is in our world. Each day as I live in extreme comfort and safety I imagine that so many girls are being taken, exploited, beaten, and raped. I am not worried about the riggers of the climb. I am spurred on with courage by those like Rachel Lloyd from the GEMS ministry in NY who have escaped the life and are fighting back. They had to escape without assurance of success but just knowing they had to do it.

A few weeks ago a fellow biker in my bike club, Ladies on Spikes, rode up beside me an said, “we want to support you on the Freedom Climb”. Today on a beautiful ride in Fayetteville, Georgia we stopped and they listened as I shared my heart about the climb. They have committed to hold a movie night showing “Taken” on October 7, 2011 and a bike ride on November 5, 2011 to raise funds for the causes we are supporting. I thank God for making more aware of this evil and how He will use these events to save lives in our world. Thank you LOS.


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