LeaderFocus: Cathey Anderson

Hey Folks, check out this blog on leader Cathey Anderson, who is heading up the Kilimanjaro Freedom Climb this January:


Be sure to follow our blog and website for updates as the women begin their journey on January 8th.  The actual trek up the mountain begins January 11.


5 thoughts on “LeaderFocus: Cathey Anderson

  1. Am I in the right place – I want to follow the climb beginning on January 11, 2012? Is it possible to follow progress of a certain hiker?

    • You may follow the progress of the climb here, yes. As far as a certain climber, no. Unfortunately we have 47 women hiking and cannot follow each one individually. We will be posting updates as often as possible, straight from the group of Freedom Climbers! Thanks for your interest!

      • My Bible study group is praying for one of our own, Jane Morrill, who is making the climb as well as the other climbers, may this climb bring more awareness to the world and stop human trafficking. We are praying for their safety and that they will be a light in the darkness to bring God’s love to those suffering.

  2. Hi Cathey, what God has called you and all the ladies to do, is Amazing and heart warming. I am following the climb, will continue to pray for you all. God bless you all.

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