Photos of the Climb

A special thank you to Cheryl Weber, who sent these:

The climbers taking a much needed rest!

The climbers make their way through the fog.

Leaving the campsite, this shows how steep the climb was at some points!

Triumphant climber posing!

One of the teams making their way up a steep bit of the climb.

Imagine doing the climb with this heavy basket or a tent on your head?

The fog adds to the daunting task ahead.

Gorgeous snow capped peaks are the backdrop of this stunning climb view.

A gorgeous team shot with “The BEAST” as some of the climbers affectionately called it, behind them.

Photos from the Climb!

Here are some photos of the women on the climb!  We are very excited to see some of the actual photos, as the ones posted before were mainly stock photos or other people’s photos.  These are actually from the Freedom Climb:

Leader Cathey Anderson, along with Lysa McMillan, hold up a banner that they had planned to bring to the top with them.

Some of The Red Team pose with their Tanzanian Guide, Faraja

A “Beware” sign at the beginning of the climb, which certainly didn’t deter any of our fearless climbers!

Trekking poles were a vital part of taking some of the weight off the climber’s knees.

The climbers take a quick break by a stream.  No doubt it was cold water!

One of the campsites.  There were lots of campers out there!

The team of porters carried the heavy stuff, i.e. tents, water, and food.  Praise the Lord for them!

One of our climbers, triumphantly standing on some steep rocks!

Although it’s a bit blurry, this photo depicts the women eating in a tent one night.  Looks cozy in there compared to outside!

Day #6 of the climb: Update

From Kibo Slopes Safaris:
“The ladies are safely back in Loitokitok. 44 out of 48 reached the Gillman’s point (18,647 feet) and 28 of them Uhuru peak (19,336 feet). The ladies not only managed to conquer the Rooftop of Africa but also set an example of women’s strength and determination.”

Day # 6 of the Climb: The Final Day!

Posted at 12:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm on Mount Kilimanjaro
by Sarah Bradfield

(Photo credit:  The Trail’s End at Mweka Gate

Itinerary for Today:
THEY MADE IT!!!  Triumphant, jubilant phone calls and texts have been coming in from the climbers.  They have made it off the mountain, and are currently on a bus back to “civilization.”  Our fearless climbers will soon be back at their hotel, taking hot showers and relaxing in actual beds. Most of the team will be staying the night at Kibo Slopes Safari.

“a shower… and a real bed. I forget…what are those things?” -Cheryl Weber, 11:42 pm EST, 7:42 am on Mount Kilimanjaro

This morning, the climbers rose at about 7:30 am (on Mt. Kilimanjaro), ate breakfast, and then hiked down about 7 hours.  Each step down brought more oxygen and less pressure, thus, less headaches and nausea.  At one point, the climbers trekked through a gorgeous rain forest.  Here are some of the beautiful sights the climbers were able to see today:

“Hiking through the rain forest today…an amazing part of the world!” – Cheryl Weber, 8:47 am EST, 4:47 pm on Mount Kilimanjaro

(Photo credit: John Gash)

(Photo credit: John Gash)

(Photo credit: John Gash)

(Photo credit: John Gash)

(Photo credit: John Gash)

(Photo credit: John Gash)

(Photo credit: John Gash)

Quotes from the Climbers:
“Good Morning. Standing…now let’s try walking!  Someone really SHOULD put a sign at the top that says…’Now comes the hard part….GET DOWN!’  We’ve still got a tough downhill 7 hour ‘walk back to the car’…” – Cheryl Weber,
11:49 pm EST, 7:49 pm on Mount Kilimanjaro

“SO excited to be finishing up this journey and to thank and give gifts to our porters today. We could not have made it without their help and encouragement….what a team!” – Cheryl Weber, 8:47 am EST, 4:47 pm on Mount Kilimanjaro

“We just washed all the porters’ feet” – Madison, Baczewski, 10:25 am EST, 6:25 pm on Mount Kilimanjaro

“We all just want showers and to charge our phones.” -Lori Degler, 11:32 am EST, 7:32 pm on Mt. Kilimanjaro

“We’re on our way to the lodge.  Everyone did so well, many stories to be told.” – Cathey, 11:32 am EST, 7:32 pm on Mt. Kilimanjaro

“Oh it was so worth it!  The highlight was getting to Uhuru, as well as getting to know everyone!” -Jeeva, 11:32 am EST, 7:32 pm on Mt. Kilimanjaro

“We started at midnight, so we climbed all the night long, and it was cold.  It was probably somewhere between 25-30 degrees and windy, and straight up… I mean absolutely straight up.  But it was dark, obviously, and it was just an amazing feeling for me when the sun just began to rise and there was light.  But as I thought about our purpose here with human trafficking and people trapped in slavery and I thought about the women that are involved in sexual slavery and the worst time for them is night.  And that was the worst part of the climb was the summit, and I just wanted to get through the night.  I don’t know if you can compare that a little bit but when that light broke through and I could see what was left of the summit, it was phenomenal and then to reach the top and then to actually summit, you have another hour and a half to reach Uhuru, and that is the highest peak.  That’s when you see the ice, and the glaciers and the snow, and its just phenomenal to think what you have accomplished.”  – Holly Harris, 12:03 pm EST, 8:03 pm on Mount Kilimanjaro

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for continued healing and health for each climber as they rest and rejuvenate at the hotel.
  2. Pray for a great and fun, relaxing day tomorrow as the ladies go on a safari.
  3. Pray for their travel back to their homes, that there would be no passport issues, and that all would make it back home safely.
  4. Pray that more funds would come in for projects that will help oppressed and trafficked women and children around the world!
  5. Pray that God would be glorified and His name lifted up through the Freedom Climb!

Scripture of the Day:
“The Lord your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” – Zephaniah 3:17