Florida Group Departs

The seven women from Florida that will be part of the Freedom Climb began their journey this weekend!  Here are some photos from the airport:

Madison, the youngest climber, says goodbye to her mother, Dawn.

The group engages in prayer before heading onto the plane!

Please continue to follow the blog for updates.  The women will begin their trek up the mountain on January 11, which is National Trafficking Awareness day!  Please also continue to pray for the women and protection over them!


2 thoughts on “Florida Group Departs

  1. “See I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way to bring you to a place I have prepared for you” Exodus 23:20
    Each day and through out the day I am praying this Scripture verse for you
    In His Love
    Frances Mathis

  2. I am totally astonished. So, I sit here all warm and comfortable in my local coffee shop, this beautiful Sunday morning, with tears running down my face. What is that all about? I suppose it is God touching this crusty old heart thousands of miles away. That is amazing. How far will the ripple of Freedom Climb go?

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