Day #3 of the Climb!

“I’m feeling kind of excellent…I think everyone is acclimating really well…just one step at a time, everybody is just moving, moving, moving.” –Madison

The Freedom Climbers have completed Day 3 of the climb!  We were able to talk to one of the climbers at the camp about what this experience is like. Click Here to Listen to the Call!


5 thoughts on “Day #3 of the Climb!

  1. Dear wonderful women of God, Please know you are being bathed in prayer as you journey on your next 12 hours to the summit!!! The Lord blesses the feet who bring the good news of Jesus and that is exactly what each footstep you take does…shows the women and children in captivity that JESUS can and will SAVE them. Rest your heads upon the ROCK and know that your reward is far reaching beyond the SUMMIT! Lord bless you all, Love in Christ from Boca Raton, Flordia,

  2. It is so inspiring to follow your climb and to imagine all that God is doing. Praying for not only all of your lives to be changed by this encounter with God, but also for the life change of those for whom you climb. My small group back at Hope Baptist Church is praying for all of you, and a special “shout-out” to our sisters in Christ: Judy Hart, Natasha Reese, Gail Ferber who are climbing, and Terri Dodd who is praying. Thank you for what you are doing.

  3. My best to all of you and particularly to Kristy Allen. We both share a birthday today, January 14.

    Happy Birthday Kristie as you stand near the top of the world!!!

    Be safe and enjoy this significant experience.

    Carole Pettay
    San Juan Capistrano

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