Day #5 of the Climb: Call from the Summit!!

“We made it to the summit …. Just now! It’s a glorious day. We’re doing great. It’s been very very difficult, but it really has been symbolic of all those who suffer and have no voice.” – Nancy Byrne

Climber, Nancy Byrne, was able to call in when her team reached the summit! Click here to listen.


9 thoughts on “Day #5 of the Climb: Call from the Summit!!

  1. I am so proud of all of you. When I read these comments it takes me back 6 years ago when we did the climb for the unreached in Northern Kenya. We also had a guide Allie that encouraged us and pushed us. Big hugs for Lori and Madison. OUr entire church today prayed for you all. God’s Blessings, Cheryl Harman

  2. Awesome! Congratulations! What a GREAT message… and how cool to listen to your breathless report from here in California so shortly after it was posted – on the other side of the planet. Your accomplishment is an answer to our prayers – your witness to the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual battle and your victory has inspired us! Your purpose directs us. Your dependence on God models something profound for us. Now get yourselves out of the danger zone, and back where you can find rich oxygen… and rest. You have earned it. Sincerely, Ken Kemp

  3. I did not know until just yesterday that you could reply to your postings. I have been fasting and praying for you ladies since Monday. I rejoice with you at your accomplishment.
    I am looking forward to hearing what results your sacrifice will bring as God multiplies what you have done and makes it bigger than what we are. GREAT JOB LADIES!!!!
    My heart only breaks that reaching the “freedom” summit doesn’t bring real freedom for those you are climbing for.

  4. What a glorious day for you all and us too. Thank you all for your example, of standing and withstanding through all that comes against you, going through the harshness of the conditions , but God is greater, and we pray for a restful night and restoration to all, and that you will all make a successful and quick way down. Praise be to God that is with you all in this journey, and what this climb stands for – FREEDOM in Christ Jesus to all but especially to all the hurting and opressed. God bless you all abundantly more than you can imagine. Waiting to hear the praise reports. Special greetings to Susan Woods. With love and blessings in Christ Jesus. Margaret Grech, Malta.

  5. It seems the previous messag did not go through. Congratulations to all of you ladies who made it and to those who attempt it too. I stand in awe of your tennacity, courage and determination. With you I want to give God all the glory for His grace. To Annelize my cousin you are a true heroin and I’m so humbled by your courage

    • May Gods strength bring you safely down and let you arrive safely in your families arms again He will be your protector and healer of all ailments that occured with this brave act

  6. Hello Holly and Kim, I did not either that we could leave a reply! I was so good to hear your voices Sunday Morning at church. Many Prayers and Blessings have been sent to all of you. I can’t even begin to imagine everything yall have gone through! I hope all is well and the nausha and headaches are gone! WE are praying for you and for what this climb stands for!! Safe return.
    Kathy Brontetter

  7. I’m so emotional thinking of this achievement. I’m humbled by this act.mall the glory to God enjoy last hours ladies may u be blessed beyond your own expectations and in all this may GOd’s name be jubelated and taken accross Africa may woman all over the world know they are more worth than pearls and may they feel God’s presence all pover them to give them the courage to stannd tall regardless of their circumstances . May they know God provides true freedom. Thank you precious ladies for setting an example. Safe journey home and a wondeful reuniting with year familie. Annelize you rock you the BOmbI always knew you have a great inner strength may this be a new freedom for our family and a restoration and healing start for us God bless

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