Photos from the Climb!

Here are some photos of the women on the climb!  We are very excited to see some of the actual photos, as the ones posted before were mainly stock photos or other people’s photos.  These are actually from the Freedom Climb:

Leader Cathey Anderson, along with Lysa McMillan, hold up a banner that they had planned to bring to the top with them.

Some of The Red Team pose with their Tanzanian Guide, Faraja

A “Beware” sign at the beginning of the climb, which certainly didn’t deter any of our fearless climbers!

Trekking poles were a vital part of taking some of the weight off the climber’s knees.

The climbers take a quick break by a stream.  No doubt it was cold water!

One of the campsites.  There were lots of campers out there!

The team of porters carried the heavy stuff, i.e. tents, water, and food.  Praise the Lord for them!

One of our climbers, triumphantly standing on some steep rocks!

Although it’s a bit blurry, this photo depicts the women eating in a tent one night.  Looks cozy in there compared to outside!

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