Background of the song “There is Freedom”

“In August of 2011, I was leading worship for the Love Africa Conference in Kabwe, Zambia.  During this conference I heard, really for the first time, about the ginormous problem of human trafficking around the world.  Besides seeing the movie Taken, I was completely unaware of how so many women and children are bought, sold and exploited every day.  Now, with me having a four month old daughter, the reality of all this hit me very hard.  A couple months after returning home, I was leading worship at the OM USA headquarters in Tyrone Georgia. That morning I began to hear more about The Freedom Climb, which I had first heard about in Africa.  After hearing all the vision and plans for the climb, an OM missionary who I respect greatly, came up to me and asked if I would pray about writing a song for this cause.  So I went home and prayed about it. Over the next couple weeks, the Lord began to give me the music and the lyrics that not only bring awareness to the problem, but also speaks directly to the heart of the slave.  God loves a cause that honors Him and furthers His Kingdom on this earth, but I believe He is in pursuit of our hearts first and foremost.  2 Peter 3:9 says that He wishes that NONE would perish but that ALL will come to repentance, including the slave AND the one who has enslaved them.  In this song I felt like the Lord wanted to accomplish a few things.  First, He wants to bring the Body of Christ, the Church, to repentance for not seeing and acting sooner in fighting this battle.  Next was to boldly state that there is freedom in Christ and in Him alone from every chain of the Enemy (Luke 10:19, Galatians 5:1, John 8:32). Then I wanted to end the song reassuring the slave that they are not forgotten, and that the Church is beginning to rise up and actually put on the FULL armor of God and fight the Enemy head on.  We must know Ephesians 6:12 and that our struggle is not against flesh and blood. This is a spiritual fight, and it is time for us to go to battle for the multitude who does not have a voice.  Just as Matthew 10:8 says, “Freely you’ve received, freely give,” I commit every dollar that this song makes to go towards setting the captives free through The Freedom Climb.  So please join me, download this song through iTunes or Amazon and/or give to the cause through the website.  Let’s put an end to modern day slavery.  It’s possible because God’s Word says it, so let us believe it and act on it and see the power of God released in and through our lives!  Philippians 4:13, “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength!”  There IS freedom!!!”

– Jeremy Whitaker

The Freedom Climb on Fox News!

Three of the Freedom Climbers were invited to share their journey on Fox and Friends as well as a second interview with  Here are Madison Bacsewski, Tina Yeager, and Cathey Anderson in their live interview with Fox and Friends:

Fox & Friends – Freedom Climb

Here is the interview: – Freedom Climb

And backstage, the ladies were able to meet Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, who were also interviewed on Fox News the same day:

Praise God for His favor!

Coming Soon: Atlanta Climb

We will be hosting another climb near Atlanta, Georgia, on Mother’s Day weekend! We can tell you that the climb will be at a park in north Georgia, but can’t share the exact location until we have a contract. Please plan on climbing with your mom, kids, and the rest of your family on May 12, 2012 to continue to raise awareness about global injustices to women and children. As we get more details, we will post them to the website and the blog. So, keep checking back!