Freedom Climb 2013 – God’s Glory, Not Ours

By – Celia Shortt

Yesterday, the Freedom Climb team decided to divide into two different groups. One would start their descent down the mountain, and the other  would continue on to summit Kala Pattar. Neither team would make it to Everest Base Camp.

“What we ended up doing is we said, we just stay safe. We identified those who were weakened or had been sick for a long time, and we’re just giving them two extra days to go down. The sad thing is a lot of the ladies were so disappointed, just lots of tears. And I just looked at them, and I said you have to trust me on this because altitude will hit fast and hit hard.” – Cathey Anderson

Cathey Anderson

Cathey Anderson

Cathey is leading a team of 16 — 13 of the climbers who came down with her and the other 3 who had already stayed behind. Even though are heading down the mountain earlier than they had planned, they will still be able to summit Ama Dablam Base Camp.

Ama Dablam

Ama Dablam

Becky Barnhart

Becky Barnhart

“Elevation 1, Becky 0. Got altitude sickness at 14,500 ft and turned back with about 15 others, making our way back to Lukla to arrive on Sunday, I think. Still got a long journey back. I’m feeling better but not at 100%. God is still sooooo good and it’s been an amazing journey. What a privilege. Thanks for your continued prayers.”- Becky Barnhart

The other group of climbers headed to Lobuche and will be camping there tonight. Tomorrow morning (tonight here), they will trek to Kala Pattar Peak, summit it, and head back down to Lobuche. After Lobuche, they will have three days to make it down the mountain.

Kala Pattar Peak - with the Himalayas behind

Kala Pattar Peak – with the Himalayas in the background (Photo by OMer and Freedom Climber, Nancy Byrne)

Sign to Kala Pattar (Photo by OMer and Freedom Climber, Nancy Byrne)

Sign to Kala Pattar (Photo by OMer and Freedom Climber, Nancy Byrne)

Even though the climb is not going as planned, God is still glorified through it. Despite their circumstances, these women are still climbing to raise awareness and funds for women and children who oppressed, enslaved, and have no way to climb out of their circumstances. Their purpose and reason has not changed.

One climber said it best:

“For me, the favorite part of this hiking has been to link my experience here with the people who are suffering.” –Gildelia Moromisato

Continue to prayer for the health and safety of these women.

Pray that those who have started down the mountain will continue to feel better.

Pray that those who are going on to Kala Pattar would stay healthy and energized.

Pray that all the women will not be discouraged because of their circumstances but will continue to press on for their purpose.

Continue to check the Freedom Climb Facebook page and website for more updates, pictures, and videos.


3 thoughts on “Freedom Climb 2013 – God’s Glory, Not Ours

  1. Sending encouragement and continued prayer to all of you on this journey! Knowing my climb at Pikes Peak labored in the same heart and spirit for those enslaved and suffering. from Columbus Ohio, Julie DeLavergne

  2. God is glorified … always! It’s not about us, it’s all about being a VOICE for those with NO VOICE, His Presence in the midst of suffering and giving God the ultimate Glory! So proud of all of you! Praying … press on! Hugs!

  3. Praising God for your determination, perseverance, and wisdom to know what is safe. :)). Continuing to pray for your safety back down. God has equipped you all in exceptional ways to be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus on the other side of the world!! So proud of you all!!!! Princess Warriors!!!!

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