Freedom Climb 2013 – They Made it to the Summit!

By – Celia Shortt

“Praise God we made it! Our team summited! The Freedom Climb 2013 is at the top of Kala Pattar, and we’re praising God for His protection with our whole heart…Thank you for all your prayers and your love!” – Tina Yeager

They made it to Kala Patthar!

They made it to Kala Patthar!

Tina and climbers

Tina and climbers

The Freedom Climb team successfully made it to Kala Patthar Peak early this morning (early afternoon in Nepal)! The scenery was beautiful, but the weather was cold. Right now, they are trekking back to their campsite at Loboche. They need to reach it before dark. Tomorrow, these ladies begin their three days of  hiking down the mountain to Lukla.

Continue to pray for their health and safety. Check back here, the Freedom Climb Facebook page, and website for more details, pictures, and videos of the climbers.


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