Freedom Climb 2013 – Strong Helping the Weak

By – Celia Shortt

Yesterday, Cathey Anderson’s team had another surprise after they had settled into their camp…snow…in April! Their guide, Paul, says that he has never seen snow like this in April before.

“Looks like a white Christmas! Won’t have to worry about dust today!…Here’s a thought! We can see all this snow, and say, “Lord, REALLY???” Or we can say, “Lord! Really!!!!” Two of the ladies are so blessed because this is the first time in their lives they have ever seen snow! All in the perspective!” – Cathey Anderson

Snow in April!

Snow in April!

Some of the climbers also gained a perspective on this entire experience.

“One of the things I’ve seen in this experience is how important it is for the stronger people to be able to help the weak. And I’ve needed that. I don’t have good knees, so I needed  people to stick by me while we’re walking down. Cathey stuck by me all day. She could probably run down the mountain by herself. Thinking of the people who we climb for and how much they need the help of the Body of Christ, we have to stick by them.” – Joanne Hummel

Joanne and her  "special" bag after the flight

Joanne Hummel

Cathey’s team also took some much deserved time to celebrate Bama’s birthday (today)! Not only is Bama doing the Freedom Climb on her birthday, but she is also seeing snow for the first time in her life 🙂

Happy birthday, Bama!

Happy birthday, Bama!

The team that summited Kala Patthar is also headed down the mountain. To get to that summit, they had to deal with frigid temperatures and winds strong enough to knock them over. In the midst of those struggles, they were able to experience the presence and voice of God in a new way and identify even more with the women and children for whom they were climbing.

Autumn Ross

Autumn Ross

“We were struggling to get up there. It was so windy, and He was telling me that all you have to do is have faith, and I will finish this for you. So then I began to pray, and I asked the Lord to wake up all the prayer warriors. I felt that as they prayed that the Lord dispatched warring angels as well as ministering angels…I felt buoyed up by the angels, literally. And I felt like they were just lifting us up that last step.” – Autumn Ross

“Yesterday, when we were doing the summit day, it was so hard and physically painful. The whole time I kept thinking this really is symbolic of the pain those women and children are going through. It is a completely different kind of pain, but it was brutal. We just wanted to be done with it. Just thinking about the women and children who can’t be done with it, and they have to just live with it…I think we all have that on our minds and hearts when we’re climbing.” – Sarah Bradfield

Sarah Bradfield

Sarah Bradfield

Cathey’s team is headed Monju tomorrow, and the other team is headed to Namche. Continue to pray for their health and safety as they trek down the mountain. Check back here, the Freedom Climb Facebook page, and website for more details, pictures, and videos of the climbers.

3 thoughts on “Freedom Climb 2013 – Strong Helping the Weak

  1. To wake in the night and know that it was the perfect time to pray for those climbing while we slept–or not–was awesome! To know that those climbing sensed those prayers and felt heaven’s ministry gives hope that those imprisoned by trafficking will also be visited by heaven’s ministry of rescue and restoration.

  2. have followed you daily….prayed daily….your faithfulness to our Father and to each other has been such a deep encouragement to my heart! Thank you for pushing through really hard things on this journey.

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