Freedom Climb 2013 – Lots of Snow!

By – Celia Shortt

Today, both Freedom Climb teams continued their descent down the mountain. Cathey Anderson’s team headed to Monjo. The team that summited Kala Patthar headed to Namche. Both teams are still experiencing some crazy winter weather.

“The descent to Namche was cold and rainy with snow gusts. Currently, it’s a winter wonderland.” – Tina Yeager

Snowy Descent to Namche

Snowy Descent to Namche

Snowy Descent to Namche

Snowy Descent to Namche

Even with the crazy weather, they are pressing on to finish the climb well. One climber, Ana Lucia Berndt da Luz, from Brazil says this about this entire experience:

“It has been such an overwhelming experience. We can feel the spiritual welfare. Every time, we can see God’s hands over us, protecting us, providing everything we need. Many of us got sick, but everyone understands that our suffering connects us to the people we are climbing for — how they suffer, how they can’t bear their struggles. And we are here coming down, happy, getting better and better. And we are feeling victorious.”

On Kala Patthar

The View from Kala Patthar

Tomorrow, both teams will meet in Lukla where they will fly back to Kathmandu. Please pray for good weather. The forecast says there will be snow. If there is, they will not be able to fly out to Kathmandu. Continue to pray for their health and safety as they trek down the mountain. Check back here, the Freedom Climb Facebook page, and website for more details, pictures, and videos of the climbers.


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