Freedom Climb 2013 – Everyone is Back in Kathmandu!

By – Celia Shortt

Today, all the climbers are back in Kathmandu! Everyone of them made their flight from Lukla to Kathmandu. The weather was great, and the skies are still clear! All are thankful for the experience but glad to be off the mountain and anxious to get back home.

Christina and Pat

Christina and Pat


“We made it down the valley back to Kathmandu, we are healthy and mostly in one piece. An incredible adventure where we left everything (literally and figuratively) on the mountain, but I think I speak for the group when I say we are excited to be going home where we are without a doubt thankful for the friends and family who have supported us. As well as the little things like being able to walk to a warm bathroom barefoot, sit down toilets that flush, and ice cubes that don’t make you sick.” – Christina Taylor

Becky Barnhart

Becky Barnhart


“Back in Kathmandu…bittersweet to leave Lukla and the Himalayas this morning. Ready to be home, but also sad to leave. God has definitely met me on this journey, and I am forever grateful and blessed for the opportunity.” – Becky Barnhart


After reuniting with the prayer team, Tina Yeager, found out one of the most powerful parts of the climb happened in Kathmandu while her team was summiting Kala Patthar.

Tina and other climbers on Kala Patthar

Tina and other climbers on Kala Patthar

“The same day that we summited, in Kathmandu, the newspaper reported that that day ten traffickers were arrested. The article listed the traffickers’ names, and the prayer team talked about how they wrote down those names and prayed over each individual who was arrested to break their chains because the same bondage that holds these children and women is the same bondage that the enemy, who holds these sick people in bondage, uses. So our prayer team reacted in love towards these people, in prayer for these people, and in intercession for these ten people that they would be delivered.” – Tina Yeager

The team is spending another day in Kathmandu before flying out tomorrow evening (early evening our time). Thank you for all the prayers and everything each one of you has done. Continue to pray for the travels and that those who have been sick would continue to get better. Check back here, the Freedom Climb Facebook page, and website for more details, pictures, and videos of the climbers.

1 thought on “Freedom Climb 2013 – Everyone is Back in Kathmandu!

  1. Looking forward to seeing you back here, and hearing some of the more individual stories! Blessings to you as you get a quiet moment to sit and reflect on what you have seen, heard, smelt, felt, and all the things God has been quietly speaking into your hearts!

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