Men and Women Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with The Freedom Climb

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Would your business like to impact the lives of women and children that are trapped in human slavery, exploitaion and oppression? Registration is up and running for our first Corporate Freedom Climb. Men and Women are invited. Reserve your spot today and enjoy the benefits of great business exposure and the opportunity to transform lives and communities globally!
Join us for The Wasie Foundation Corporate Freedom Climb!

The Freedom Climb is seeking leaders to join us in raising awareness and funding to fight against the atrocities against women and children currently taking place globally.

This is accomplished by supporting projects which break the cycles of poverty, shame and despair
and, thereby, reduce the vulnerability of exploitation and slavery.

We are offering you the opportunity to help transform lives by becoming one of our significant partners.
By doing so, you will receive the benefit of excellent media and marketing exposure along with the intrinsic satisfaction of helping women and children experience true FREEDOM and HOPE.

Please contact me directly to receive our partnership packet.
Tina Yeager • Freedom Climb, USA Director
Phone: 954-415-8969
Fax: 954-573-6532


2 thoughts on “Men and Women Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with The Freedom Climb

  1. Wow Tina this is ‘awesome’ will you please send me more info! I climb Kili with you the first time but this will be so amazing to it with my husband and he’s got his own business and through that we can reach more people.

    Blessings Corné van Aswegen (Pretoria, South Africa)

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