There are only 24 days left to register for Freedom Climb 2014- Seven Summits, Colorado

Join us as a virtual climber or join us in Colorado this summer! Your efforts will bring dignity to women and children globally! Thank you in advance!! As we approach our deadline for registration April 15th, we have many spots available to fill and we need your help.

Will you invite women you know to join us on our climb? Our goal for this event is $500,000. This amount will help bring hope to approximately 4000 women and children. Will you look into your spheres of influence to recruit more climbers?

If you know anyone who is interested in supporting our movement, but is unable to climb, please ask them to become virtual climbers and raise funds online.

Our appreciation to you is beyond measure. Now, let’s continue to be a voice for the voiceless. Together, we can make a measurable difference for those who need it most.

To join us go to:
The Freedom Climb Team


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