Freedom Climb visits Moldova

The Freedom Climb supports projects in Moldova that are giving hope and a future to women and children at risk. Last week I was blessed to be able to take a team of leaders from Mission Hills Church in Colorado to visit Moldova and see first hand the amazing work being done by OM Moldova. We visited many places and saw the joy being brought to orphans and abandoned children as they learn what it means to be loved and to have hope.

Did you know there are approximately 4 million people in Moldova? Many parents leave their children with others or alone as they travel abroad seeking work due to the extreme poverty. One third of children in Moldova are social orphans, often times 8-9 year olds live alone. Although huge orphanages have been created, this is not enough to help these precious children. They are extremely vulnerable to human trafficking. It was said that Moldova is #6 in world for human trafficking. Those statistics reflect that it is in a worst state than Cambodia or Thailand. Many children are lured and sold to Turkey, Romania, Germany and Austria.

OM Moldova has 18 care centers for children at risk. At these centers, many of the children receive the only meal they will eat that day. They learn about Jesus, are treated with love and compassion and are given educational assistance. There is a need for many more centers. Most of the centers are used as churches in the villages.

The picture you see is of a center and church in one of the villages. This center provides the only well with safe drinking water in the village of 400 people. The building is modest as is, but the ceiling is filled with mold and needs to be replaced. As I stood looking at the roof it broke my heart to think that if it isn’t replaced, the building will be condemned and the children will have no where to go and no hot meal. I was blessed to be able to say “The Freedom Climb will give you the funds to replace the roof.”

It is because of passionate people around the world helping to raise funds and awareness that we are able to provide hope and a future to precious children like the ones cared for here.

Will you join us in our efforts to end human trafficking, exploitation of children and oppression?

Thank you for joining us in our efforts!
Tina Yeager, Director of Freedom Climb, USA


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