Sharing Great Stories! God is great, and He is doing great things!

By: A & M
“A chapter of my life is over and I am now a new creature in Christ”
This quotation, full of meaning, is what A. said to us as we unloaded her belongings that she had kept in the town where she used to prostitute from our car. We had just travelled 700km with her. We are so grateful to God for all that He has done for her since she decided to leave her network. The most recent answer to prayer was a few days ago when she received her social security number which gives her the right to a ‘waiting allowance’ from the government and access to a place in a home in May.
Ase, who visits her regularly to read the bible, is pleasantly surprised at the way she is determined to apply the word of God in her life. The church that she is a part of has played an important part in helping her to reconstruct her life through its welcome, love, and prayers.
Yes! God is powerful to get rid of even the deepest darkness. The enemy has been beaten by the cross.

Another girl who reminds us of our gratitude to God is M. who is preparing her wedding.
The church wedding will take place on June 21st. Her and her fiancé are getting together all the necessary papers needed for the civil wedding. We are living a real dream with her at the moment. Sadly, she lost her father recently, but God encouraged her in another way when the ruling to expel her from France and send her back to her native country was revoked.
God’s justice is bigger than man’s justice. Easter reminds us that Jesus, the son of God, was willing to suffer the injustice of man to give us salvation and this gives more meaning to the greatness of His love to us. She goes to the same church as M.

J. who also decided to leave her network, has now officially got a place in a home where her and her 4 month old daughter are safe. Her face is glowing so much so that I hardly recognize her. What a change to the first time we met her when we were so moved by her sadness and confusion!

We can only praise God for His work in hearts, but how many more A, J and M, s there are still out there in the streets of our large cities who need Christ’s disciples to go and meet them to tell them that they are not what one of the girls wrote in a book about her life as an enslaved prostitute. Don’t move, don’t speak and don’t break so you don’t end up in the rubbish. I don’t have any rights now, I am just an object. I only have the right to a first name so that they can call me. I have been rubbed out, given a number, given an invisible and very short leash.

Then there are the girls who are firm in their decision not to choose the streets as a means to live. J. is one of them. We have known her for 2 – 3 years. She is waiting for a decision from the town hall based on health reasons. S. who has her papers but cannot find work. It’s our duty to stand by them as the friends of the paralyzed man did and took him to Jesus.

God’s compassion is great, compared to the indifference of our fellow man that see these girls on the streets and accept them as part of the landscape. I praise God for the brothers and sisters (Hope Union) in Lyon, who visit girls; for Sonia who has started to visit some girls in the streets of Paris; for some brothers and sisters who have started to visit girls in the streets of Montpellier. Ase and I were able to visit them this past week and hopefully encourage them.
Pray for workers to rise up, not only to bring hope to the girls, but also that we can share the gospel with the people who want to know why we are doing what we are doing.
A couple of weeks ago I was able to share the gospel with 2 sociology students who are preparing a dissertation on prostitution. I think they went from seeing God as a sort of divine force to the reality of a living person. O God! Open the eyes of the many French people who are also slaves to lies.


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