Moldovan Day Centres – Lives touched by love!


By OM Moldova

Dear friends
It is great to see how God is at work in the lives of the children we work with. It is a special privilege to teach them to pray and to have faith in a God who can do more than they can hope or imagine. We know and trust that He has great plans for each of their little lives and are grateful for the opportunity we have to know and love them.

Maria in Crasnaseni
In a small neglected house lives Maria, a little girl with dark brown eyes and long hair. She is seven years old and in first grade. She comes from a large family and has four brothers and one sister. Her mother and father are unemployed, like most people in the village. Sometimes they are able to find work in the fields but it’s not enough to provide for the needs of their children.
Maria has been coming to the center since September and has already learned the alphabet. Her sister, Vlada, is in second grade.
She is eight years old and also started coming to the center in September. Maria really likes laying games, drawing, and learning new songs. When it’s time to go home she has to be told many times that she has to leave. She is a joyful, active girl who really flourishes when she is complimented or praised.

Alexandra in Glodeni
We have been crying desperately to God. Alexandra is 10 years old and lives with her mother Olga. Because Olga cannot find a job they are sharing a room in a dormitory which does not have good enough conditions for people to be living in.
They do not have running water and have huge debts to the gas and electric companies. Their room is miserable. It is damp and there is no heating. In the winter there is mold on the walls.
Alexandra is absent from school a lot because they don’t have water to wash, or she has been awake and cold all night and then doesn’t have the energy to go to class. We are crying out to God to help this family with their debt and to change the situation this little girl lives in.

The Freedom Climb has the privilege of touching lives through ministries of OM like this one in Moldova. Would you like to be part too?

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