The Stories Continue!


7 Summits in Colorado ended on July 18, 2014, but it isn’t over! The stories and the pictures continue to flood social media as the women share what God did! He showed up in ways we could have only dreamed of! We are so excited to hear the stories and know that while 70 women were climbing to be voices for the voiceless, God blessed them with an experience of a lifetime!

We are so excited to offer you the same opportunity!  Be a voice for the voiceless and watch God move on your behalf too!  He is personally inviting climbers to participate!  We would like to invite you to join us for the first Corporate Freedom Climb. Will you say YES if God calls you to climb?

Corporate Climb? What does that mean? Do you have to be a business to join? Absolutely not! Individuals, Churches and Corporations are invited! Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 for the OM projects focused on at-risk women & children—those who are exploited, enslaved…

Will you join us and help transform our world? Help prevent slavery! Help rescue and rehabilitate children and women from oppression, exploitation and human trafficking!

Men and women are invited to climb to end slavery and oppression of innocent children and women! Climb and have the experience of a life time or register as a virtual climber, either way, you too can change our world and the lives of precious children and women forever!!! Individuals, corporations and churches are invited to join the 2015 Corporate Freedom Climb Sponsored by the Wasie Foundation.

Freedom Climb 7 Summits – Lives Transformed

Four days, 70 women, seven 14,000 foot summits in Colorado,   What a combination! And lives were transformed in ways we never imagined!  At this point in the journey all we can do is stand in awe of all our Lord did for us, through us, and with us!  Hearts were broken and raw, tears streamed as struggles were faced, relationships were built, ……..and God was right there in all of it.  Amazing doesn’t even come close to describing the joyful exhilaration we are feeling.  

As the ladies head back home to their “normal”, nothing will be the same as it was when they left for Colorado.  They “went up the mountain one way, and came down the mountain another”. For them, the next step is to determine what they are going to do with what they’ve experienced, learned, and endured.  Not an easy task!  

The problem continues, but we are standing in hope as the women are mobilized to be the voice for the voiceless!  Freedom Climb: 7 Summits Colorado has finished, but the work goes on.  Join us as we move forward!  It’s never too late to be a solution to the global stain of human oppression, exploitation, and trafficking.


The 2014 Freedom Climb 7 Summits Team

The 2014 Freedom Climb 7 Summits Team



The Climbers are voices for the voiceless!


The goal of the Freedom Climb is to affect the lives of thousands of women and children each year.  The purpose of the Freedom Climb is not just about climbing a mountain; it’s a way to engage in this global battle and strategically help these women and children. Climbing these mountains is merely a symbolic gesture of what women and children around the world go through every single day.

During these days in our Freedom Climb Colorado 7 Summits we could hear from the climbers about their feelings and thoughts in being part of that beautiful ministry. The Climbers are voices for the voiceless; for those who could not declare freedom in their lives and climb out of their circumstances on their own.

“I am so grateful to be a part of the Freedom Climb, feeling the love, compassion and joyfulness of being in the company of women who possess hearts of gold who all share the same passion as mine, together we can save the world one step or climb at a time!” – Karen Tep -Team Teal

“Freedom climb represents climbing for these precious women and children who have no voice. During my journey I am declaring my own “personal freedom” by listening and watching to what God is unveiling to me on the magical mountain.” Jen Klaassens pink team and Sea Level girl.

Climbing Mount Elbert, the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains

Mt. Elbert

The Freedom Climb is about standing for others who have no voice, but at the same time it is an amazing opportunity to experience God in a new and powerful  way. The histories of all the women climbers including mine has shown me that God  really chooses to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The impact on  my life has helped me to understand how deep is His grace and love.

July 15, together with the pink Team I had the privilege to summit Mount Elbert in Colorado, the highest Mountain in this region on behalf of those who suffer and have no voice. During the climb looking at the beautiful flowers on the way, I was thinking about how these small purple and yellow flowers survive in such as difficult place of high altitude, storms and rocks.  So I told God that I want to be like these flowers, even though so small and struggling with my own human limitations, I want to be an instrument that makes the way for others more beautiful and so give glory to Him the creator of everything.

To climb Mount Elbert, the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains of North America 14,440 feet (4,401 m), and the second highest mountain in the contiguous United States was not an easy thing either for me or my team.  During the way up 4 of my team were struggling with pain and some altitude sickness, so they decided to stop a little bit before the top. It sounded like a good decision because the rest of the way was only rocks and we needed to concentrate on each new step.  I could continue with the rest of the group going up slowly and very carefully.  After having lunch on the top of Mount Elbert with the amazing view around us, we needed to find the strength to run down the rocky trail. Violent thunderstorms are common in summer, almost every day.  We experienced this when it started to hail and the dark puffy clouds were building with thunder. The open rock trail is the most dangerous place for lightning. 

So I made it to the top of the Mount Elbert with a thankful heart, with a joy and hope that many  women and children can also have the opportunity to climb out from the oppression, suffering and injustice. I hope that during this difficult climb that they face each day for Freedom that there are many other women who are willing to obey God and to be like a flower that makes the way more beautiful.

By Gildélia Moromisato – Freedom Climb Representative in OM USA

Ginger Martin is CEO of American National Bank, a Freedom Climb Sponsor. Early this year she became passionate to raise awareness and funds for the at risk women and children in the 50 Freedom Climb projects in over 30 countries around the world. She started an  intense training regime in April on “Mt Trashmore” (a closed Florida landfill) along with 12 weeks of PT for a bad knee to prepare her for the rigors of climbing seven 14,000 ft mountains in Colorado. Just three weeks prior to the 7 Summits climb she got shin splints in one leg and could barely walk. As a woman in leadership of a business giving up control to anyone is a challenge, but she knew God wanted her to give Him more control of her life.

As she was in horrendous pain, she cried out to the Lord: “Please Father, I will learn the lesson of releasing control to you, but please don’t deny me the climb to learn this lesson.” After two weeks of doing no training but going to PT for shin splints, 5 days before the first climb she could go back to training.  

The first day of the Colorado Freedom Climb was a triple summit of 14,000 ft mountains. When she stood on top of the first 14er she was overcome with joy and gratitude that God had allowed her to experience the thrill of the summit. She went on to summit two more 14ers with a group of gutsy, determined women.

The descent down the last peak was a 3000 ft altitude drop of slippery rock-slide. Fearful and apprehensive about her bad knee, she felt as if she was carried down on angel wings. After crossing the creek at the bottom, she was overwhelmed with the emotion of the experience of the entire day. But the day wasn’t over because at dinner she was awarded The Freedom Climb Big Girl Panties Award for a climber who persevered thru multiple challenges just to be here and then overcame a grueling day of summiting three 14,000 peaks.  The photo is Ginger the second day of the Freedom Climb standing on her 4th  summit, Mt Elbert, the highest mountain in Colorado energized to complete the remaining 3 summits in the next two days.

For someone who thought her age and body was past the days of extreme sports, she sings praises to God and give Him all the glory for helping her overcome and be a voice for the voiceless!

By Elaine Ellis – Freedom Climb USA Team

The 13 years old amazing young Canadian girl!

We were overwhelmed on our first evening at the Freedom Climb 7 Summits gathering of 70  courageous women climbers by a 13 year old amazing young Canadian girl, Rhiannon Bowes. When she was 11 she was inspired by former and current Freedom Climber Denise Heppner.  At the tender age of 11 her heart was broken by stories of trafficked and enslaved girls for which Freedom Climb is raising funds to help bring restoration while also focusing on prevention.  She was motivated to do something and prayed for ideas to raise $1900 to help restore one girl.  Thru a lot of work and creativity and support from her parents she raised $3800 to help two girls. This year she decided again to make a difference in one life and raised an additional $1900 amid a very busy schedule.

On Sunday Rhiannon and her mom participated in the 7 Summits acclimation climb. What a beautiful picture of a mother and daughter climbing together to represent the climb to freedom of so many exploited, enslaved, oppressed and trafficked women and children around the world. They demonstrate so clearly that it doesn’t matter how old you are or how equipped you are, you can awaken your community to the needs and even more help overcome the atrocities of this  world. As God has created us individually, so we can make a difference one individual at a time.

Today the climbers tackled their first full day of climbing, leaving at 4:30AM in four teams. A prayer team of 9 women began the day worshiping our great and almighty God. They then prayed for each climber, spent time focusing on the women role-models in the Bible and then the challenges in our world. Each climber carries 10 first names and the country they are from of  women or children being helped by an OM project. These names are printed on butterflies to represent the transforming power of God and the climbers will be praying for these names as they go along each day.

The Freedom Climb’s objective is to stir compassion, action, and advocacy on the issues of modern day slavery, exploitation and trafficking of women and children globally.  We accomplish this by raising funds and awareness to support OM projects around the world focused on these issues.

It isn’t necessary to climb mountains to get involved!  You can  be a voice for the voiceless by raising funds and awareness.  Anyone can do it!  Let us help you get started.