Ginger Martin is CEO of American National Bank, a Freedom Climb Sponsor. Early this year she became passionate to raise awareness and funds for the at risk women and children in the 50 Freedom Climb projects in over 30 countries around the world. She started an  intense training regime in April on “Mt Trashmore” (a closed Florida landfill) along with 12 weeks of PT for a bad knee to prepare her for the rigors of climbing seven 14,000 ft mountains in Colorado. Just three weeks prior to the 7 Summits climb she got shin splints in one leg and could barely walk. As a woman in leadership of a business giving up control to anyone is a challenge, but she knew God wanted her to give Him more control of her life.

As she was in horrendous pain, she cried out to the Lord: “Please Father, I will learn the lesson of releasing control to you, but please don’t deny me the climb to learn this lesson.” After two weeks of doing no training but going to PT for shin splints, 5 days before the first climb she could go back to training.  

The first day of the Colorado Freedom Climb was a triple summit of 14,000 ft mountains. When she stood on top of the first 14er she was overcome with joy and gratitude that God had allowed her to experience the thrill of the summit. She went on to summit two more 14ers with a group of gutsy, determined women.

The descent down the last peak was a 3000 ft altitude drop of slippery rock-slide. Fearful and apprehensive about her bad knee, she felt as if she was carried down on angel wings. After crossing the creek at the bottom, she was overwhelmed with the emotion of the experience of the entire day. But the day wasn’t over because at dinner she was awarded The Freedom Climb Big Girl Panties Award for a climber who persevered thru multiple challenges just to be here and then overcame a grueling day of summiting three 14,000 peaks.  The photo is Ginger the second day of the Freedom Climb standing on her 4th  summit, Mt Elbert, the highest mountain in Colorado energized to complete the remaining 3 summits in the next two days.

For someone who thought her age and body was past the days of extreme sports, she sings praises to God and give Him all the glory for helping her overcome and be a voice for the voiceless!

By Elaine Ellis – Freedom Climb USA Team


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