The Climbers are voices for the voiceless!


The goal of the Freedom Climb is to affect the lives of thousands of women and children each year.  The purpose of the Freedom Climb is not just about climbing a mountain; it’s a way to engage in this global battle and strategically help these women and children. Climbing these mountains is merely a symbolic gesture of what women and children around the world go through every single day.

During these days in our Freedom Climb Colorado 7 Summits we could hear from the climbers about their feelings and thoughts in being part of that beautiful ministry. The Climbers are voices for the voiceless; for those who could not declare freedom in their lives and climb out of their circumstances on their own.

“I am so grateful to be a part of the Freedom Climb, feeling the love, compassion and joyfulness of being in the company of women who possess hearts of gold who all share the same passion as mine, together we can save the world one step or climb at a time!” – Karen Tep -Team Teal

“Freedom climb represents climbing for these precious women and children who have no voice. During my journey I am declaring my own “personal freedom” by listening and watching to what God is unveiling to me on the magical mountain.” Jen Klaassens pink team and Sea Level girl.

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