Climbing Mount Elbert, the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains

Mt. Elbert

The Freedom Climb is about standing for others who have no voice, but at the same time it is an amazing opportunity to experience God in a new and powerful  way. The histories of all the women climbers including mine has shown me that God  really chooses to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The impact on  my life has helped me to understand how deep is His grace and love.

July 15, together with the pink Team I had the privilege to summit Mount Elbert in Colorado, the highest Mountain in this region on behalf of those who suffer and have no voice. During the climb looking at the beautiful flowers on the way, I was thinking about how these small purple and yellow flowers survive in such as difficult place of high altitude, storms and rocks.  So I told God that I want to be like these flowers, even though so small and struggling with my own human limitations, I want to be an instrument that makes the way for others more beautiful and so give glory to Him the creator of everything.

To climb Mount Elbert, the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains of North America 14,440 feet (4,401 m), and the second highest mountain in the contiguous United States was not an easy thing either for me or my team.  During the way up 4 of my team were struggling with pain and some altitude sickness, so they decided to stop a little bit before the top. It sounded like a good decision because the rest of the way was only rocks and we needed to concentrate on each new step.  I could continue with the rest of the group going up slowly and very carefully.  After having lunch on the top of Mount Elbert with the amazing view around us, we needed to find the strength to run down the rocky trail. Violent thunderstorms are common in summer, almost every day.  We experienced this when it started to hail and the dark puffy clouds were building with thunder. The open rock trail is the most dangerous place for lightning. 

So I made it to the top of the Mount Elbert with a thankful heart, with a joy and hope that many  women and children can also have the opportunity to climb out from the oppression, suffering and injustice. I hope that during this difficult climb that they face each day for Freedom that there are many other women who are willing to obey God and to be like a flower that makes the way more beautiful.

By Gildélia Moromisato – Freedom Climb Representative in OM USA


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