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Everyday our missionaries serve the oppressed, enslaved and exploited children and women of the world.  We currently raise funds for 55 projects that address prevention, rescue & rehabilitation or development.  The circumstances these women and children live in is horrific, but the hope and transformation seen through these projects is life altering.  Will you join us and change lives and generations to come?

Please give today!

Sincerely, Tina Yeager

Director Freedom Climb USA – A project of OM

Christmas Gifts that Transform Lives – The Freedom Climb Store

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Our Freedom Climb store is open.  Buy Freedom Climb promotional items or other gifts made from our projects.  We are excited to launch this store and plan on adding items from our Freedom Climb projects around the world in the near future.  Keep an eye out for the amazing items that will be added.

Are you shopping for Christmas for your loved ones?  Hurry, buy a gift today and get it to your loved one by Christmas.  Your purchase goes to help transform the lives of those enslaved and oppressed.

The Freedom Climb Team

The Freedom Circle

Climb for us!

Will you join and be one of the first 100 Founding Freedom Circle members?

We climb to combat slavery, exploitation and trafficking of women and children globally. And we are passionately dedicated to seeing these wrongs corrected, and lives restored to wholeness. But this is a big mountain, a steep path ahead. We can’t climb it alone — will you join us?

Until now, the way to get involved was to climb or support a climber. And we are so grateful to you and the thousands who have joined us in these ways, raising over one million dollars to fund OM projects around the world that address these very issues. Glory to God!

To expand the impact of The Freedom Climb, to help more women and children, we are looking for the first 100 Founding Members of The Freedom Circle, a new level of influence in the global climb to freedom. Will you step up? You will make a difference, and you’ll draw others along with you.

Join our circle today at:

Many Blessings to you and your family!

Tina Yeager

Freedom Climb Director, USA