First three days of Kilimanjaro Corporate Freedom Climb

Our 2015 Corporate Freedom Climb is underway! The climbers have started their journey up Kilimanjaro.

On Day One, the team left their hotel at 9:00AM and rode three hours to reach the gate/starting point of the Kilimanjaro trail. There, they registered as climbers and took off! They reached their first camp safely, having climbed from 6,500 to 8,665 feet elevation. They hiked through farms and pine plantations, then an afromontane forest. They slept overnight at the Simba camp, their first night sleeping in tents, eating in the mess tent, using some of their gear, and using the toilet facilities.

Day Two saw an early beginning, with the climbers up at 6:00AM and breakfasting at 7:00. They began their trek at 8:00 and arrived at their second camping spot at 12:30PM. Their ascension gained 2,835 feet from the day before, ending at Second Cave, which stands at 11,500 feet. From Second Cave, the climbers witnessed a beautiful view of the eastern ice fields.

Day Three was a short walk to Cave 3 at 13,050 feet. Once they arrived there, they had a short rest time. In the afternoon, they had an acclimatization walk in the late afternoon to get used to the altitude.

So far, the ground staff has sent up one extra sleeping bag (as one of the team members had a bit of a cold night) and received a sick porter. Otherwise, everything is going well so far. As one climber put it, “We’re strong in faith, strong in body, and strong in fellowship.”

Another climber added, “We’ve had a great opportunity to share Christ with the porters who are with us. […] It’s great to be a part of making a difference on the issue of human trafficking.”

Be in prayer for the climbers as they continue their climb, for health and also that God would be revealing Himself to them in new and amazing ways through the experience. Also pray for the teams worldwide who are lifting up this group in prayer every day of the climb.


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