“God’s blessing is on my life after many years of trouble”

The Tabitha project, Zambia

The Freedom Challenge supports projects that prevent, develop, rescue and restore vulnerable women, women who may be a target for traffickers because they are poor or because they find themselves in desperate circumstances, like Grace.

A few years ago, Grace’s husband was hit by a car near their home in Kabwe, Zambia. He died instantly.

At the time, Grace was pregnant, about to give birth to their fifth child. Now, she would have to care for, feed and clothe five children all on her own. And that wasn’t all, Grace also had to deal with being looked down upon by her family and community because she no longer had a husband to provide for her.

There were many days when Grace and her young family would go to bed without having eaten anything at all.

Thankfully, the Freedom Challenge-supported Tabitha project was there to help – they provided Grace with skills training and reached out to her with love. It took time for Grace to accept the support on offer, but slowly she began to smile again and develop a new hope for her future.

With the help of the Tabitha project Grace has opened a small grocery shop selling fresh produce and household goods.

Grace’s dream is to be able send all five of her children to school, to have food to feed them each day and to learn to read and write. Perhaps these are, to us, simple dreams, and yet these are things we can so easily take for granted.

Grace asks us to remember her in prayer: ‘Please pray with me for favor over my business. I continually experience others being jealous of me whenever I start to do something good. So please also pray that my neighbors will not be jealous, but will see that it is God’s blessing upon my life after many years of trouble.”

Wouldn’t you love to help more women like Grace experience the abundant life God has for them? You can make a lasting difference to women’s lives by taking part in a Freedom Challenge event (the next one is in July in Wyoming) or by making a donation – $150 sets one woman on a path to freedom.

Thank you for partnering with us.

About the Tabitha project, Zambia

Tabitha Skills Development is a discipleship program focused on empowering and equipping vulnerable and marginalized women through skills training. A woman may be trained in a specific skill such as sewing, beading, cookery, knitting or crocheting. In addition to the skills training, all women have a chance to receive guidance in basic life skills such as cooking, health, HIV/Aids, gardening, basic business and literacy. Each woman is challenged spiritually to find her identity and freedom in Christ by going through topics such as repentance, faith, baptism, Lordship, hearing God’s voice, the father heart of God and prayer.

The one year Tabitha Initiative program goes one step further to intentionally empower women to use their own initiatives to start small businesses that are focused on reaching out to others. Each woman receives her own audio-Bible, for the evangelistic purpose of playing it in her shop, the market or wherever she does business. Each woman is also equipped to confidently lead Discovery Bible Studies with a small group of community women. In addition to starting a small business, each woman will be spiritually mentored and developed in leadership.


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