‘I would give him the money, he would hit me and I would cry’

Mexico workThis story, from our team in Mexico, is a difficult one to read but it’s so important to hear about the reality of life on the streets. Jazmin has shown such bravery and now she is on the path to freedom too

‘When I was 16 years old I came to the city looking for an opportunity to study, work and raise some money to help my family.

I felt so alone. One day a guy started talking to me, he was so kind and nice with me. After a couple of weeks he asked me if I would like to live with him… I had fallen in love, so I thought this is wonderful, and I said yes! 

Next week we moved to another part of the country. He used to leave early and I had to stay at home. One day he told me that it was getting so hard to get a job so I needed to work. I agreed. He said that in the city there was a good opportunity for a job and that we could get our own place if I helped him.

So we travelled to the big city and he introduced me to his brother’s wife. She started explaining how to use a condom and telling me how much money I need to ask for 15 minutes with the ‘johns’.

Scared and alone

While she was talking I could not believe what I was going to do. I said no, of course no! Then she said if you don’t do this he is going to kill you and your family. I was scared and did what she said.

After too many hours my boyfriend picked me up from the hotel and asked for the money. I was crying and scared. I gave him the money and asked him why he did not tell me about this? He just laughed and hit me.

That was the beginning of a lot of pain, suffering and shame. For five years, night after night, I just remember the same… I would give him the money, he would hit me and I would cry.’

A heartbreaking turning point

Then, Jazmin got pregnant. Heartbreakingly the baby was used by her pimp to force her to carry on working; he would keep the baby from her unless she did what he asked. One day, Jazmin did not make enough money. When his fists did not provoke a strong reaction from Jazmin, the pimp turned his attention to the baby. Appalled, Jazmin cried out for him to stop and promised that she would make more money.

As awful as that moment was for Jazmin, it was also the turning point. She knew she had to get away from him to save her baby’s life and her own.

The next day, Jazmin made a lot of money and her pimp was happy. He agreed that she could go and visit a friend. Walking to the bus station, Jazmin carried the baby in her arms. When the bus arrived the pimp demanded that she give the baby back. She refused.

‘No, I’m not going to give my baby back to you,’ she declared. ‘And if you don’t leave I’ll shout loudly asking for help. I’m not kidding, all these people will know who are you.’

A courageous decision

Even with the Pimp’s threats ringing in her ears, Jazmin stood her ground. She got on the bus holding tightly to her little boy, her legs shaking, not knowing what to do next.

She went back to her parent’s house. They are very poor and Jazmin felt that the only way she could provide for her baby was to keep working as a prostitute.  ‘It’s the only thing I knew,’ she says.

Wonderfully for Jazmin, an outreach team supported by The Freedom Challenge have been working in Jazmin’s area. They have befriended her, prayed with her and encouraged her. Now, she wants to leave prostitution for good. The team are looking for a job for her and meeting with her each week, walking beside her and loving her just like Jesus would do.

You can help many more women like Jazmin to experience hope and healing – $150 sets one woman on a path to freedom. Join us – donate today!


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