A GREAT example of why we do what we do!!!

By OM Philippines

A group of women climbing Everest Base Camp - 2013

A group of women climbing Everest Base Camp – 2013

The Freedom Climb strategically focuses on three areas of intervention when battling modern day slavery, oppression, exploitation, and trafficking. All of the projects funded through the Freedom Climb are effective in the area of prevention, development, and/or rescue/rehabilitation. We believe that OM is uniquely gifted and strong in the area of prevention. An example of this came in from OM Philippines just recently. When the biggest child cyber sex scandal was discovered in Cebu, it happened in the very town where they have their children’s outreach and where they helped send 5 precious young girls to school. These young girls are now actively involved in outreaches helping other children get to know the Lord and teaching them how to stay away from this kind of destructive and dangerous activity. OM Philippines has sponsored these five scholars, whom FC is supporting. They are growing up as fine young girls, excelling in their studies. However, they easily could have been one of those victimized in cybersex in their neighborhood, if the OM team in the Philippines have not intervened.
What we are doing through Freedom Climb really makes the difference. What YOU can do will change the lives of many people too. Join us in this beautiful opportunity to bless women and children around the world and make God’s love known by them.