Becoming who God calls us to be

Learning how to sew

At the end of November, Tina Yeager, Director of The Freedom Challenge, visited Costa Rica with a team of faithful Freedom Challenge supporters. One of the high points for the teams was visiting the Pearl Process, a Freedom Challenge-supported project run by Operation Mobilization.

OM Costa Rica - Pearl Process Coni Working copy

The project teaches vulnerable women to make sandals and create mosaics (see photo above), skills they can use to provide a regular income for their family. It gives them secure employment and a place to learn about God and study the Bible together.

The women at the Pearl Process were privileged to have Sue McCabe (photo below), the wife of the CFO of Chick-fil-A, teaching them about customer service.

susan mccabe (1)

During the trip, the Freedom Challenge team took part in church services. Below, Sophia, Tina’s daughter (left) reads scripture at a church in Talamanca.


One of the themes that kept occurring and touching the lives of the women involved in the outreach was the idea of “changing from doing to being”.

Many of the women realized that they need to become who God calls them to be and be in an intimate relationship with Him before they can effectively do His work.

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Below, team member Ashley Martin shares her testimony .


Freedom Climb expands to The Freedom Challenge

Freedom Climb expands to Freedom Challenge in USA

The Freedom Climb has created an international movement of passionate women that have climbed mountains, raised awareness, prayers and funds to bring freedom from oppression and modern day slavery. To date, the movement has raised over $3 million, and built a community of thousands of participants and givers. Over and over, we have heard that many, who would like to get involved, are unable for various reasons to climb mountains. We have heard them and their passion to help.

We have also heard the hearts of our climbers. They do not want to lose the life-changing experiences of what God is doing on the climbs. We will continue to do climbs. They will continue to be some of our signature events. In an effort to include more women in this movement, we are expanding beyond the Freedom Climb initiative to The Freedom Challenge.

Our vision is to see one million oppressed women and children set on a path to freedom over the next ten years. We intend to continue to support OM projects that bring transformation, focused on women and children in the most at-risk communities. Our projects all do one or more of these things:

Prevent- Through education, skills training and a basic support system, the cycles of poverty, exploitation and trafficking can be broken before any damage is done. We find that once oppressed women know that they are valued by God and made in his image, so much growth and empowerment takes place that you can’t keep these women down.

Develop- Long-term solutions include vocational training and micro-loan programs to help women overcome poverty for themselves and their children, making current and future generations far less vulnerable to exploitation.

Rescue- At this point of intervention, women and children are usually broken, crushed, and often without hope. They need to be brought out of trafficking and slavery, and into a safe place for long-term care.

Restore – Victims require extensive care including physical healing, trauma counseling, and life skills training in order to be put on the path to a new life full of hope and dignity.

Our goal is to engage hundreds of thousands of Americans in more participation at the local, national and international levels. We want them to participate in physical challenges that test their limits, while raising funds and awareness to combat these dark, social injustices and set women and children on the pathway to freedom.

What’s Your Challenge?

  1. Pray – Join our Prayer Challenge and invite others to join you.
  2. Join a Challenge- Raise awareness and funds by joining us for one of our events.
  3. Become a Freedom Circle Member – Join or create a local community of PASSIONATE women who are standing against oppression and modern-day slavery all year long.
  4. Create a Challenge – Use your creativity and gifts to raise funds and awareness.
  5. Donate – Give now or sponsor a Challenge participant as they help raise funds and awareness. $150 will help set a woman on the pathway to FREEDOM.

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Your Challenge, Their Freedom