Raising up the broken to life

2dQ1ISRThe following story explains so poignantly why The Freedom Challenge exists. It’s a story of hopelessness, healing and redemption.

Daniela* was desperate. Far from home. Angry with her mother for forcing her to leave. Trapped in a life she could never have imagined, doing things she hated, with men who treated her like trash.

And now, pregnant. She didn’t know how far along she was or whether the baby was healthy. She just knew that somehow she had to get away. But how could she leave when she was locked up most of the day?

Who would rescue her when her own family didn’t know where she was?

A life of resignation
Beth* works as an outreach worker in Central Asia. Along with her team mates she walks the streets of a large town, known for its brothels and its trade in migrant workers and modern-day slaves.

They walk, observe and pray. Occasionally they glimpse the women they are trying to help; through windows, or a barely open door, they witness lives of resignation, despair and oppression.

One day, Beth and a few others carried flowers and cards with the team’s contact details on, hoping to give them to the women that they care so much about.

Not forgotten
Amazingly, there were able to enter a notoriously secure brothel. They handed out their gifts to some of the young girls; a sign that they are not forgotten and that they are seen by Someone who loves them deeply.

A few days later the team received a call. It was Daniela. She had been given the card by one of the other girls. She was scared but determined to at least try and get help for her and the baby.

The outreach team acted quickly and were able to move her to one of their shelters. A few months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Now, she is in a safe house far away from the town where she experienced so much torment.

Rescued and restored
But that is not where the story ends. God did not only rescue her, he restored her.

During her time at the shelter, the team there prayed for Daniela and taught her about Jesus’ love. Though she was very angry with her mother, they prayed that she might be able to forgive her.

Recently, miraculously, Daniela met with her mom. They talked and shared and forgave. Together they are planning to attend a local church. And her mom is going to start renting a flat to support Daniela and her son.

What a transformation! And what an encouragement to that team of faithful outreach workers who experienced God breaking through in a seemingly hopeless situation.

God really does hear the cry of the broken and powerless.

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*Names have been changed