Day #2 of the Climb

Posted at 11:30 am EST,  7:30 pm on Mount Kilimanjaro


“Oh my word!! Got up at 1am to head for the potty and the night sky was indescribably exquisite. Wispy clouds floating across a waning moon. Stars against a black night sky. The night so still I’m sure I could hear heaven. The beast of the mountain stands majestically waiting for us.  I think I saw God smiling down upon us. Well at least He let me see His heavens in their beauty! Amazing!!!” – Cathey Anderson, 5:00 pm EST, 1:00 am on Mount Kilimanjaro

Today’s hike began at 12:00 am EST, which is 8:00 am on Mount Kilimanjaro.  The climbers traveled about 8.7 miles which took nearly 6 hours. They are now safely resting overnight at a fly camp at Kikelewa Caves, which is an elevation of 11,811′.

More Quotes from the Climbers:

“I am doing SO WELL. Taking a 6 day walk with Jesus!  This mountain is amazing.  Feeling awesome. So healthy.” – Madison Bacsewski, 3:00 am EST, 11:00 am on Mount Kilimanjaro

“An intense morning getting ready at camp, lots to do. It’s pack up your bed and walk time! An amazing 7 hours of sleep…maybe this sleeping bag and tent is the answer to a great rest…maybe it’s the fresh air. Thanks everyone for your prayers for us. Starting the day we found out the schedule is 6 to 7 hours straight up hill…”  – Cheryl Weber, 6:56 am EST, 2:56 pm on Mount Kilimanjaro

“Feet and ankle hurts a bit…fighting headache and nausea today and not allowed to take ibuprofen, so borrowed a Tylenol which helped. At 12,700 ft (3900m)…a bit too early to be feeling this way…need to adjust more to altitude to have a great climb. (Summit at 19,341 ft is roughly 2/3 the height of commercial jet airline travel…)”  – Cheryl Weber, 10:40 am EST, 6:40 pm on Mount Kilimanjaro

Here is an overview of the elevation these climbers will be at during their hike up the Rongai Route:

Here is a map of the Rongai Route:

Prayer Requests:

  1. Four of the climbers are not feeling very well.  Please pray for health and strength!  Pray against mountain sickness aka altitude sickness, against headaches and shortness of breath, and against fatigue!!
  2. Pray for endurance, unity, and grace among the team members.
  3. Pray for the CAUSE- the women and children that this climb is all about.

Scripture Verse for Today:
“My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.”
Exodus 33:14


4 thoughts on “Day #2 of the Climb

  1. I’m praying for ALL you wonderful ladies! What a courageous way to walk with Jesus! I pray for good health and strength!!! Peachtree City, Ga is praying for you!!!!!

  2. May the strength of God undergird you as you walk for “freedom”! and the message of your climb ring loud and clear as you reach the top! Praise God! Praying for all of you!

  3. Cathey your words draw a wonderful picture … I’m praying for you all and the women you/we care about that this climb is for… God Bless you all and keep looking for ‘God’s miracles .. love Sally

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